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I thought that i would post this here. Mainly because I've not posted for a while, but also because i have something to say!

Yesterday, the postman brought me a parcel, all the way from Denmark.

This parcel contained the most wonderful thing that i could ever have FS1 front mudguard.
Now ok, I here you say "so what!!??"
But let me tell you, this mudguard is supposed to be a pattern, but it's the best looking pattern that i have ever seen!!!!
Firstly, It fits. Secondly, it's made from quality guage materials, and not tin and thirdly, the chrome is brilliant.

Now, youre asking, who sent you this wonderful thing? Well I'll tell you.

There are 2 people whom i know from this forum. The first is Morten Bahn, the second is Benny Lorentsen. They are the ones! If this mudguard is the standard that Benny supplies for his spares, then you guys shouldn't go anywhere else!! Trust me, this is quality stuff.

Thankyou Benny and Thankyou Morten.

You have probably the finest FS1 site that i am a member of, and i am a member of 3. If Carlsberg made FS1 site's, they couldn't make one as good as this.......................probably!

Now, where are you with rear mudguards?

All the best DK,


Yamaha FS1e 1973 Candy Gold.....................................On the road!
Yamaha FS1e 1977 Baja Brown ........Now my Special, in Purple!
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Motorhispania RX50...............On the road! Totally useless ped ever made!! It's gone! It's Gone! Yipee yahoo It's gone!!!

I am just an ignorant englishman, and i can not read,write or speak Danish!!! Sorry

Still trying to master English!!!

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