Touching base!

Her kan du skrive hvad du har lyst til, bare du overholder retningslinierne for forummet. Knallert emner bedes så vidt muligt placeres i en anden relevant kategori.
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Touching base!

Indlægaf chas » søn 23. sep 2007 10:46

I hope all our 20 registered members are well, and that they have been out on their FS1's or busy spannering, rather than post threads.

I've been spannering! Oh and Morten.......the NRG forks worked. Thats another years MOT done :D
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I am just an ignorant englishman, and i can not read,write or speak Danish!!! Sorry

Still trying to master English!!!

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Indlægaf Morten - Webmaster » søn 23. sep 2007 22:17

Great with the fork chas, you are a true magician... :D
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