Just thought I'd share this with you guys.

Her kan du skrive hvad du har lyst til, bare du overholder retningslinierne for forummet. Knallert emner bedes så vidt muligt placeres i en anden relevant kategori.
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Just thought I'd share this with you guys.

Indlægaf chas » fre 14. mar 2008 17:25

Today, my part of the UK saw some decent weather.

I had a few things which needed to be attended to, but, I was on a mission.

Jobs done, I hurriedly got my riding gear on, took the Fizzy from the shed, an I was off!!

Half an hour of pure pleasure. I felt happier than i have been for a long while.

Just remember something guys. We meet here purely for the pleasure that one little 50cc moped brings us. The riding, building, repairing of these little machines brings us joy. People who se us ride, remember when they too owned these little machines, this brings them joy too.

The Yamaha company made us this joy filled machine, as others have created this joy filled forum, which we attend.

Lets keep them both, pure and unspoilt.

I thank you all.
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I am just an ignorant englishman, and i can not read,write or speak Danish!!! Sorry

Still trying to master English!!!

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Re: Just thought I'd share this with you guys.

Indlægaf Morten - Webmaster » fre 14. mar 2008 18:05


You just made a smile In Denmark....
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Re: Just thought I'd share this with you guys.

Indlægaf Yamaha FS1 50SS » fre 14. mar 2008 18:35

Hey Chas

I am also very happy every time i ride the fizzy :D and i remember the tenages years with cold beers and alot of young beautiful girls 8) that whas a beautiful time :wink: and the fizzy are still the number one its the best :wink:
A bad day in the Yamaha garage are better than a good day at work,,,,

Mennesker er de eneste levende væsner som er dumme nok til at opfinde ting ,,, som kan udryde alle mennesker på jorden ,,,,

,,,Hav en forsat god dag,,,

,,, Mvh Johnny S. ,,,

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