RIP (for now) Yamaha FS1 3EE

Her kan du spørge om hvad som helst omkring Yamaha FS1.
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RIP (for now) Yamaha FS1 3EE

Indlægaf Redwolven » tirs 5. feb 2008 16:50

As you can read in the subject, my yamaha is dead. Well the barrel and the piston is. The kickstarter wont go back up to its position either,
the tank is full of crap.. Back to the subject. One of the piston rings, the one closest to the barrelhead (Thank god!) cracked and is now in the exhaust, for my luck (if you can call that luck) the peices did not fall in the crankcase and kill the shaft and so on..

I have now removed the engine and its now in my room.

Please keep an eye on the thread, i'm very sure i will forget how to assemble it again anyway
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